Upcoming Events

Wild Water Derby, Shortsville, April 27

Drumlins Hamfest April 27

Field Day June 22 and 23

Meeting Information

Our next meeting will be Wednesday,May 8, 2019 at 7:30pm at the Human Resources Building, 3019 County Complex Drive, Second Floor, Canandaigua. This is not our usual meeting spot, but is just east on CR 46 and then turn south into the complex. All are welcome. The meeting will follow the Laurel VE testing session at 6:30pm. Our program this month willbe by Steve, WB2VMR, and will be on APRS. Steve will also be running the meeting andwill be taking orders for Field Day shirts(price $13, one per member), etc at this meeting. Payment will be needed at pick up during the June meeting. Hope to see you all there!

Directions to meeting location at the bottom of the page.


Mark your calendars for this event

The Shortsville Fire Department is looking for a minimum of 8 operators that could help out with the parade line up on Friday June 14th.

The parade starts at 7:00pm with line up starting between 5:00 and 5:30pm. This would be a great opportunity to work with the fire department with some interoperability and the challenges it would bring since the clubs are not able to communicate with the departments directly. Everyone should be in close enough proximity that they should be able to use simplex.

Any questions feel free to ask.

More information to follow.

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Ontario County Ham Radio
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SIARC holds Amateur Radio Exams every other month on the 2nd Wednesday. Pre-registration is desired, but walk-ins are welcome. For details check our Exam page.


The SIARC VE team is now a member of the Laurel-Volunteer Examiner Coordinator.
As a result of this change, all exams are now given free of charge. Please follow this link for more information about the Laurel-VEC.

Please check the exam schedule here



K2BWK D-Star Repeater

The K2BWK D-Star repeater system is available for use as K2BWK B on 443.500 +5MHz and as K2BWK C on 147.375 +.6MHz. Registration is not required for listening or local use. If you want to use the gateway services, registration is required. K2BWK is connected into the ircDDB system which allows many more reflectors and options than the standard Icom network.

The link to the registration and status site is K2BWK. An email will be sent when the registration is approved. You must then login to the site and enter your personal information. Please enter the information carefully. This document has some details on the process. Instructions Pay special attention to steps 8 thru 10!

An excellent document about D-Star is here D-Star for Dummies


Here is a program file for the ID-880H that will allow easy linking between reflectors and other repeaters or stations. It uses the C0 and C1 memory slots to hold the CQ and Unlink commands so the operator just needs to press the DR button, rotate the dial to the desired reflector, key the mike then use the M/Call button to select CQ or Unlink. It also has many local analog repeaters and some Ontario County public safety channels. Be sure to change the MyCall from NOCALL to your own. Right click and select "Save link as" to download the file. ICOM 80/880 K2BWK program file. Be sure you check the settings after you load the file. Things like GPS, messages, display color, etc.

A different method of using the DR mode available to the newer radios is detailed in this document. ID-880H DR Mode Graphic. This method seems easier to switch to different repeaters since we have several now. A text document explaining this operation is here.ID-880H DR Mode. The links in the document are no longer correct but the rest is accurate.


Club Officers Directors
Tom Sanders KB2NCI President Dave Hunter N2EZY
Steve Benton WB2VMR Vice President Doug Howles KD2LGE
Raymond J. Dreimiller Sr. AB2UY Secretary John Park WA2SSJ
Stan Avery WM3D Treasurer Wes Mills W2WES
Liaison to Wayne County RACES and Drumlins ARC
Jay Hamill KC2TCM

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